Corrib Deli Catering Menu

For all your special occasions, look no further than Corrib Deli for a tailor made menu to suit. Order directly from your local Corrib Deli. To find your local Deli Click Here. Please give ideally 24 hours for ordering, however we will try to accommodate all orders. 

Platter Menus

Platter Menu

Chicken balls and dips (35 units)
€16.00 per platter

Chicken Goujons platter and dips (25 units)
€16.00 per platter

Cod Goujons with tartare sauce dip (43 units)
€16.00 per platter

Scampi with dips (70 units)
€16.00 per platter

Cocktail sausages (90 units)
€11.00 per platter

Cocktail sausage rolls (60 units)
€16.00 per platter

Vegetable spring rolls with dips (45 units)
€11.00 per platter

Garlic Mushrooms with dips (45 units)
€16.00 per platter

Wing Platters

Creole Wings (30 pieces)
€21.00 per platter

Piri Piri wings (30 pieces)
€21.00 per platter

Chipotle wings (30 pieces)
€21.00 per platter

Bourbon BBQ wings (30 pieces)
€21.00 per platter

Franks Hot wings (30 pieces)
€21.00 per platter

Crispy Kentucky wings (30 pieces)
€21.00 per platter

Corrib Cold Meat Platter

Turkey/ Beef/ Ham

Accompanied with ballymaloe relish & red onion marmalade


30 Slices

60 Slices


Mixed Finger Food

Mixed Finger Food Platter (serves 12) €55.00


Bbq chicken wings (24 pieces)

Chicken goujons (24 pieces)

Southern fried chicken drumsticks (12 pieces)

Mini Spring Rolls (24 pieces)

Spicy Potato Wedges 

Cocktail Sausages (24 pieces)

Served with Dips; Garlic mayo, bbq sauce & sweet chilli sauce

Sandwich Platter


Mixed sandwich platter (10 rounds) consisting of traditional sandwiches, breads and fillings

Gourmet Selection(10 rounds) using speciality breads and fillings


Kids Menu

4 Fish Fingers

2 Sausages

5 Chicken Goujons

2 Drumsticks

Soups, Salads & Main Courses


Soups (serves 20) €30.00


Tomato & roasted red pepper

Cream of mushroom soup

Cream of vegetable soup

Leak & Potato soup

Chicken soup



Main Courses

Beef Lasagne (9 portions)

Vegetable Lasagne (9 portions)

Shepards pie (9 portions)

Beef stroganoff & rice (serves 20)

Chicken a la king (serves 20)

Chicken curry & rice (serves 20)

Bacon joint with cabbage 

Beef stew, potato and veg (serves 20)

Plain baked potato 
€1.00 each

Mash potato (serves 9)

Selection of vegetables (serves 9)

Salad Bowls

Salad Bowls (1kg) €8.99/kg


Tossed mixed salad

Pasta salad

New potato salad

Potato salad

Egg salad


Broccoli, Carrot and Nut salad

Sweet Chilli Chicken Noodle salad

Shredded Carrot and Seed salad



Mini dessert selections (78 pieces)

Strawberry cheese cake (14 portions)

Lemon cheese cake (14 portions)

Fruits of the forest cheese cake (12 portions)

Deep apple crumble tart (12 portions)

Chocolate fudge cake (16 portions)

Tiramsiu cake (14 portions) 

Baileys cheese cake (14 portions)


Working Lunch meetings

Afternoon Tea & Working Lunch Meetings

Selection of freshly baked pastries and scones available instore daily. Ask instore for details as we can cater for your individual needs, please allow 2/3 days notice for large groups or special requirements.